Fishing Rod Cases

Fishing rod cases are very important piece of equipment for every serious fisherman.Prime fishing rods and poles are expensive.

Quality fishing rod cases will help you keep safe and secure your precious fishing gear preventing damage and breaks when you’re traveling to your favorite fishing spot or even when you’re storing them at home.

This is specially important if you own many rods because you will keep them nicely organized in one neat. With your gear packed in fishing rod cases you will always be ready to go for fishing in just a few minutes.
All you need to do is to pick up your fishing rod case packed with all your needs and go out to enjoy your hobby.When you’re choosing the proper fishing rod cases for you there are several factors to consider. First you need to decide what type of fishing rod cases you’re looking for. There are few different types of cases and carrying – storing systems for fishing rods you can choose from. Keep in mind that there are different types of fishing rod cases that are made for different types of rods. Therefore fishing rod cases designed for fly fishing rods won’t be suitable for, let’s say, bottom fishing rods.

One of the most common types of fishing rod cases are these bazooka like plastic tubes. This type, in most cases, is designed to keep only rods without reels. While choosing this type of fishing rod cases keep in mind the length of your rods because you don’t want your rods rattle around inside the case if it’s too long. Rods must fit perfectly inside the tube so you can be sure they are safe and secured for transport without any damage. For easier carrying they usually have shoulder straps. Because of its shape it’s easy to carry wherever you go by car, bike, boat or even walking on foot.

Speaking about fishing rod tubes we must mention another type called Airline fishing rod cases. This type of fishing rod cases is a perfect solution for airline traveling. These fishing rod cases can be checked in with airlines so you can keep them in sight and that your precious gear will be handled with care. Some of these cases are designed to fit even rods with reel so if you make a good choice you won’t need to remove them from rods before packing.

Another storage solution made of plastic or other solid material are fishing rod cases designed to fit your fishing rods with reels mounted on them. Usually they look like regular cases that are lined inside with foamy material providing good support to your fishing gear.

In addition to these solid made fishing rod cases we must mention another, let’s say the simplest and not that protective solutions for storing and carrying fishing rods.

The simplest way to pack your rods is to use a rod wrap. It will keep them in a tight bundle but it won’t provide any protection fishing rod cases can give.

Fishing rod socks are better solution compared to wraps. Rod socks are made of nylon and can hold only one fishing rod. Slipped over the rod they will provide basic protection from dirt.

Combo caddies are lightweight fishing rod cases made of waterproof material designed in a suitcase style. They can be packed with multiple rods and reels. Inside they are padded with protective material keeping your equipment safe from bumps. For easier carrying they are fitted with shoulder straps and handles.

In the end we will mention rod totes as one of possible solutions for fishing rod carrying and storing. Even Rod totes don’t offer any protection for rods but they are good solution for transportation because they are light weight and can easily be fixed inside a boat or truck.

From all mentioned above one conclusion can be made – fishing rod cases are necessary in inventory of every angler. Consider the buying of fishing rod cases a good investment because with them you will protect your valuable fishing gear and make transportation easier and safer.